About Us

What is Whale Labs?

Started in November 2017, Whale Labs is an innovative research and development company that focuses on bringing new novel designs to life. Comprising of a team of talented individuals, Whale Labs is constantly branching out and exploring new innovative ways to help our clients reach their goals.



The Whale labs Golden Principle

Whale labs is a company that looks towards improving our ecosystem, improving our customers’ lives, as well as expanding outwards and creating large-scale change.  Our golden principle is to put our customers first. One of the ways we’ve done is by creating an Australian Bee Venom Collector, which is suited to the environment in Australia, and creates a guilt-free way of harvesting bee venom as the pulse is not dangerous nor is it long lasting. We understand our beekeeping clients value their hives greatly (as we all should – bees are a keystone of nature), so it is important to us that our clients know their bees will not be harmed during the process of collecting venom for extra revenue. One of the other creations Whale Labs has made is a type of bioplastic which has never before been seen – it is stronger than PVC  and edible and will have the large-scale impact on how we use our plastics in the future.