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Whale Labs Our Story

We started in November 2017 as a team of three, focused on solving the major problems of this world especially the environment and ecology. Early November and December we found the use of solar and energy software for children underrated as it didn’t teach children the responsibilities of saving energy and the reason why it’s important. Our solution was to implement a virtual pet app, which would react according to the energy which had been consumed. High energy consumption would lead to #angryreactsonly

Prototype of

Teaching children that their virtual pet gets upset when you use too much power

Updated version of the application Wallace the whale

We had no passion for the project
But this caused a disconnect between Us the Developers and the software itself. This is why we decided to ditch this project as we were only thinking of monetary rewards and truly were disconnected from the passion that first saw the rise of the project.

James Kenny emerging from his cell
Our fourth member was brought in as he showed a real interest in our projects.

Our world is full of plastic
plastic is one of the major issues we identified early on, Anyone who visits a beach in this country will see the levels of pollution we are dealing with. We made biodegradable bioplastic that could be cast into any shape and was quite resistant to the elements except of course the birds who enjoyed a sneaky snack at the expense of our plastic. The aloeplastic was edible and made out ingredient which is digestible for birds and other wildlife.

Crows eating our delicious Aloeplastic. Don’t worry its very digestible probably tasty too from the looks of things

Another test sample which was ripped to shreds by the very same birds!
During this time period we reached out to a few business leaders in regards to our prototypes and how can we accelerate this process. But we reached a threshold when one of the members of our team quit as he wasn’t passionate about the project. This is a fair call if you ain’t passionate about something its not worth wasting your time doing it.

Our idea for a commercial product for our Aloeplastic.
We onboard for potential funding in the future but we found that a lot of accelerators weren’t willing to take us on board due to us not being a quick investment gain, Eventually we run out of money for this project and decided to freeze it. It was a very sad day for me to freeze a project which had so much potential but it had to happen.
I really enjoy reading about the chemical composition and phytochemical of plants and animals and while studying bee venom I saw nothing but amazement. Melittin, Apamin and apitoxin are amazing. The uses for these polypeptides could revolutionize the world. As I went to try to pair this with commercial applications I realised that nothing had been explored while a few companies had made products for this. They hadn’t explored it fully. A gram of bee venom sells for $80 – 300. We decided that we had to make a collector that can make beekeepers such as myself a fair amount of money.
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