Australian Bee Venom Collector MK2 – 1 Collection Frame




The BVC Mk2 uses a central Controller box which intelligently sends power to up to four Frames, which are each placed at an entrance to a hive. With the Mk2 it is much easier to manage collection of venom from multiple hives at once.

This 4 Collection Frame system represents a saving of up to $940 compared to four individual Mk1 systems.

The BVC Mk2 – 4 Collection Frames system comprises of the following:

– 1x BVC Mk2 Controller, supplied with a cable with alligator clamps on the end to connect to the 12V-15V power supply of your choice. We recommend a 12v 9Ah SLA battery (not included).
– 1x BVC Mk2 Frames, supplied with cables to connect to the Controller. Each cable is 3m long.
– 1x Glass collection panels (A5 size)
– Glass Scraper
– Amber glass jars

The system was designed in collaboration with local beekeepers who keep 4 frames on a pallet. Please see the example diagram of a typical set up.


How does the bee venom collector work?

Our bee venom collectors work by safely encouraging bees to deposit their venom (apitoxin) onto a glass panel, which can then be scraped off and used in a variety of other products. It is the first of its kind to not have any detrimental effects on a hive’s honey or wax production. The bees are left unharmed in the process.

The controller inside is perfectly tuned to ensure the safety of the bees while also collecting a substantial quantity of venom. Countless hours were put into ensuring the collector runs at the correct output voltage to keep the hive happy yet produce significant quantities of venom.

If you are new to the concept of collecting bee venom or are just getting started, please find our beginner’s guide here.

For FAQs and additional clarifications, please click here.




Take extreme caution when handling bee venom. Use gloves and eye/mouth protection. Do not ingest or inhale. Cover any exposed cuts or grazes on your hands or body. The quantity of apitoxin produced by these collectors can potentially be lethal. Handle the Bee Venom Collector with care as remnants of venom will be left on the device after collections. Do not place the collector on any surface used for food preparation. Wipe the collection plate with rubbing alcohol (or similar non-residual cleaner) subsequent and prior to collection.

No liability will be taken for any damages caused by the improper handling of bee venom.

It is good practice not to use or market products containing bee venom unless you are certain you are not allergic.




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