Australian Bee Venom Collector MK2 – 4 Collection Frames


The BVC Mk2 is a bee venom collector suited for commercial beekeepers who are wanting to collect venom from multiple beehives at once.


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The BVC Mk2 uses a central Controller box which intelligently sends power to up to four Frames, which are each placed at an entrance to a hive. With the Mk2 it is much easier to manage collection of venom from multiple hives at once.

This 4 Collection Frame system represents a saving of up to $940 compared to four individual Mk1 systems.

The BVC Mk2 – 4 Collection Frames system comprises of the following:

– 1x BVC Mk2 Controller, supplied with a cable with alligator clamps on the end to connect to the 12V-15V power supply of your choice. We recommend a 12v 9Ah SLA battery (not included).
– 4x BVC Mk2 Frames, supplied with cables to connect to the Controller. Each cable is 3m long.
– 8x Glass collection panels (A5 size)
– Glass Scraper
– Amber glass jars

The system was designed in collaboration with local beekeepers who keep 4 frames on a pallet. Please see the example diagram of a typical set up.


Additional information

1 Frame Unit


2 Frame Unit

$1,260.00 (you save $40)

3 Frame Unit

$1,580.00 (you save $120)

4 Frame Unit

$1,860.00 (you save $240)


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